MVD Roller Head “Compact”

•Design and implementation using state of the art technology •CAD/CAM CNC code. •High precision engineered to strict specifications. •Metal parts made of inox steel type 316L marine. •High endurance, low friction Industrial Acetal body. •Fits rubber dia 12-16 mm. •Real time tested. Different types for all conventional spearguns in the market. Please specify brand, for[…]

MVD Reel “Soft Touch”

•Inox type 316L marine framework. •Main axle made of high quality low friction Acetal Plastic. •Auto release fully adjustable brake mechanism. •Ergonomic design. •Robust support base to allow fitting on most guns in the market. •Minimum effect on buoyancy and agility. Five sizes available: •Small (up to 35 m 1.5 mm dyneema) •Medium (up to[…]