March 6, 2013

Freediving School

Panicos Panayiotou and his dedicated team offer freediving courses all over Cyprus and specialized training such as, Monofin Traning, Relaxation and Autogenic training and others. The freediving courses will ensure that your underwater activities are conducted in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Bluavventura currently offers the following courses and specialized training:

Free diving man

Freediving and learning to freedive in Cyprus  

  • 1st Level Freediving CMAS/K.O.Y.Δ.
  • 2nd Level Freediving CMAS/K.O.Y.Δ.
  • 3rd Level Freediving CMAS/K.O.Y.Δ.
  • Monofin Traning
  • Relaxation and Autogenic training
  • Advance equalization technics
  • Private freediving tuition
  • Variable sled diving training