One of the best freediving and spearfishing spots in Cyprus


All the stress, noise, and distractions of life are left at the surface. The ocean is the last truly quiet place on Earth.”

Bluavventura is a diving shop in Limassol Cyprus, run by an Apnea Academy and CMAS instructor, Panicos Panayiotou. At Bluavventura we offer products for freediving and spearfishing as well as bespoke training. Bluavventura means our own blue adventure which starts from exploring the shores of our beaches to diving in the wonderful ever exciting blue. This webpage has been set up to bring you closer to your adventures and support the community of people who trust us with their own great blue adventure - whether swimming, snorkelling, spearfishing, freediving or scuba diving is what you are into we are here to provide our years of professional experience and hours of underwater training and allow you to safely enjoy your sport. You may always reach us at our shop in Limassol at one of the Freediving Schools which are organized throughout the island. For course dates check back to the website. Upon browsing the site you will notice that we have created a Facebook Fan page, a Google+ page,  a twitter account and a Youtube channel. Your welcome to visit and share our content and remember dive safely and always with a partner. Thanks

  • Years of Experience

    We established one of the first freediving and spearfishing shops in Cyprus

  • Levels of Training

    We provide CMAS Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 training


    We provide training in all municipalities of Cyprus with dedicated expeditions to the sea

  • Specialized Training

    We provide specialized training in monofin, static apnea, deep breathhold and other technics

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